Sideshow Cinema

Sideshow Cinema is a personal movie review website that evolved out of my love of movies. The goal of the website is to review movies that I and my wife love, along with some guest reviewers. We hope to have an eclectic mix of old and new stuff showcased for those looking for reviews by people who love movies.

The idea for the site was to be able to incorporate multiple genres and eras of films into one site, using a theme that would bring them all together. I came up with the idea of a sideshow/freakshow carnival idea where each review would be an exhibit of sorts. The site was designed to look like an old theater where the large header image is made to look like the big screen and showcase a still from the film. The background of the site is evocative of old patterned carpet seen in a theater.

The site design was created by Francisco Inchauste from Get Finch. He was able to come up with a mock up of how a review page could look and that provided a huge jumping off point for me to work with in developing the site. The site does not use any CMS (content management system). It is a static HTML site using some PHP and a heavy dose of CSS.

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