Portland High School Athletics

The Portland High School: Raider Athletics is a sports team specific information website is for a Michigan high school. The website’s focus is to make available rosters, schedules, history, and contact information for players, families and friends that are involved and interested in Raider sports.

Their website was designed and developed by Grand Rapids, MI based development agency which I was a part of at that time. I assisted in content collection, content population and training the client using their ExpressionEngine based CMS (content management system). After a few years the agency moved maintenance duties over to me as a freelance developer in agreement with the client. It was a great situation as PHS was in need of a maintenance support person and they were able to go with someone that was experienced with the ins and outs of their website and CMS. This is a nice example of a client that has a site developed with someone else, but I’m able to come in and assist with maintenance duties.

Visit their website >> Portland High School: Raider Athletics