Gettin' Fresh - Food Truck

Gettin’ Fresh is a brand new food truck in West Michigan which provides fresh, delicious, hand-crafted fare for people at events throughout the area. Because the business is mobile and doesn’t have a brick and mortar presence, it’s essential that they have a website to connect with their customers.

One of the main goals of the site was to give them something they could easily maintain and write content for using a content management system.This allows them to quickly post events, news and up-to-date menu offerings. The site also had to match their brand identity that was already developed.

Because of the client’s budget and functionality requirements, we decided to build the site on WordPress. I was able to leverage a pre-built WordPress theme, which I customized to include my client’s design and the content they wanted to present. A big advantage of using a pre-built theme is the number of hours saved in development. The theme already incorporated many of the features the client needed, which made it a great lower cost solution.

Visit their website >> Gettin' Fresh - Food Truck